PSA: Please stop blaming your lack of dating success on your race

Holy fucking shit this forum is becoming more sad by the day. I'm currently dating a white girl not to "elevate my status", but because I am INSANELY attracted to her and our personalities match well. I'm physically just not attracted to desi girls and I don't feel like I should be shamed for that

brah no one's criticizing you, but its not something that can be ignored

and lol everyone my point proven. the dude above is like 90% of abcd guys, not even an exaggeration. You dont see east asian, middle eastern, white, latino guys for example acting like this. this is what i was trying to say earlier. not exactly status but given a choice, most desi guys would prefer a non desi girl and same with the desi girls avoiding desi guys as much as possible. Literally the only race that does this quite often. Many blacks are proud and love their own women/men first. I dont notice this trend at all among whites, east asians, latinos, middle easterners, etc.

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