Question for Translesbians,,but do put your views if you are not trans as well

To be fair, more sapphic leaning bi than full lesbian, but, I understand the concern. I'm pretty far along with a lotta stuff, and it may be worth mentioning that I generally "pass" (til I open my mouth), luckily blessed with a relatively "feminine" physique before Instarted hormones and a body that loves estradiol over all. Tbh my biggest source of discomfort is when I'm with cis bi women who havent been with women before, and I get worried I'm being seen as some sorta "midway" point or something, which I think is an adjacent anxiety. I try pay attention to how I'm treated when I'm having a day where I'm presenting a little more butch vs very feminine. Am I being kinda fetishized? How does she react when I mention I'm relatively asexual? Regardless, the most important thing I have to remember in these cases is this is not a me problem, this is a them problem. I'm not the one being weird. The weirdness happens less often than I expected it to, so theres that too.

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