r/DayZ is looking for new moderators!

How often do you visit and participate on this subreddit? Are there any factors that would affect your participation?

Daily. I go to college classes everyday but I still visit every day a couple times. Maybe not as frequent on some study-heavy days.

Is there anything on the subreddit would you like to be involved with in particular? Contests and events? Weekly thread maintenance? Helping style the CSS? Other?

Style and CSS would be pretty neat to work on, but I don't have any particularly strong preferences in any direction, all sounds fine by me.

Are there any concerns with the subreddit right now that you would tackle as a Moderator? What are they, and how would you go about addressing them?

No not really. Aside from the constant H1Z1 discussions (which I'm sure will die out soon enough) I think the subreddit is in a pretty good place.

Do you have any new suggestions for current moderation standards, new weekly threads, or other improvements? Yes or no will suffice here, we're not here to steal your ideas (unless you want to share them anyway, that's cool too)!

Not at the moment

Despite best intentions and efforts, there will always be users who will criticize your actions, make false accusations, or otherwise put you down. How have you dealt with discontent, disapproval, or disagreement in the past, and how are you prepared to handle this criticism in a position of power?

I never skirt around it and always try to face it head on. I'm good at keeping my cool in those situations or just ending/avoiding the conflict if I feel I can't continue the discussion without getting too angry. I'd be especially careful not to abuse it in this situation.

Why do you want to be a Moderator?

It'd be neat

Do you have any prior moderation experience on reddit?

I made a subreddit a while ago that has ~100 subscribers but it's kind of dead so I don't really do anything with it.

When did you join r/DayZ? What is your in-game experience like?

I don't even know... maybe 7 or 8 months ago? I really became active maybe around October though. My in-game experience so far has been pretty positive. I can't deny the buginess of the game but 250 hours in and it still hasn't lost it's fun. If you're wondering my playstyle, mostly bandit-ish.

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