r/DayZ is looking for new moderators!


How often do you visit and participate on this subreddit? Are there any factors that would affect your participation?

I visit this page at least twice a day via pc and my phone app. I am currently not working so I have a lot of free time.

Is there anything on the subreddit would you like to be involved with in particular? Contests and events? Weekly thread maintenance? Helping style the CSS? Other?

I wouldn't mind helping out with general thread maintenance. I've also ran a few giveaways in the past so that is something I could do also.

Are there any concerns with the subreddit right now that you would tackle as a Moderator? What are they, and how would you go about addressing them?

I find this sub doesn't necessarily have a strong sense of community right now. There can be a lot of negativity not just towards the game but towards posters and commenters alike. I'm not sure exactly how to tackle this, it's something I could think on. But maybe community events where r/dayz plays together could be a start?!

Do you have any new suggestions for current moderation standards, new weekly threads, or other improvements? Yes or no will suffice here, we're not here to steal your ideas (unless you want to share them anyway, that's cool too)!


Despite best intentions and efforts, there will always be users who will criticize your actions, make false accusations, or otherwise put you down. How have you dealt with discontent, disapproval, or disagreement in the past, and how are you prepared to handle this criticism in a position of power?

I don't take anything on the internet personal. I rarely take it personal in RL either to be honest, but especially not the internet. I normally try to reason with people, there is no reason to retaliate as it achieves nothing but more problems. If I have something to do I keep on doing it.

Why do you want to be a Moderator?

This sub is one I've wanted to be a moderator for since I played the mod. I used to come visit here all the time back then and I loved it. I almost wish this sub was like the community back then.

Do you have any prior moderation experience on reddit?

Nothing big on reddit really. I was a mod on a girl gaming website/forum for about a year or so.

When did you join r/DayZ? What is your in-game experience like?

I joined this sub back when I played the mod, a few years ago now. I have just over 200hrs in game. It has had it's ups and downs but mainly ups for me. I still actively play each week and regularly help out new players. I have a solid group that I play with so it's always a fun time with them.


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