/r/FIFA: The Daily Market Guide Thread: (03/26/15)

Thanks! Just check on youtube for "how to trade after price ranges". That should give you a visual on what to do. I'll explain the best I can here. Basically you set the min bin to 600 and the max bin from anywhere to 1000-1200 and set the quality to gold and the start cycling through the different chem styles. So first I put in the prices and the quality and search for the sniper chem style. Some players pop up instantly...what you're looking for is any player over 83, has good pace & a good league, or you just think might be valuable. If you find such a player you should try to buy him as quickly as you can because everyone knows about this method so we're all doing it. The thing about this method is that it takes patience as you might not find anyone after a couple searches and you might become frustrated, but remember the vast number of players playing fifa! There's always bound to be a decent card listed soon. Once you have the player in your club you need to determine his value. This comes with practice. Like I said before, go with the guaranteed profit. I will sometimes get lucky and find a Gerrard for 850-1k. I have sold him bin for 2600 before, but now I always list him 2k-2.2k just because I know for sure he will sell at that price. I tend to go for at least 500-800 coins profit so if I buy a player for 1k I put the bin from 1.5-1.8k. Obviously some players are more valuable than others and you will be able to determine value with time. You'll notice if you set it too high, they'll go for auction price and if you set it too low they'll go instantly. Personally I'd rather my cards sell instantly. Couple last things, this takes time and determination so you have to be willing to do the work, but you will earn the coins. Also make sure buy all the transfer list increases in the easfc catalog. There are some better methods of trading like doing so w/ informs, but I'm not super familiar with the desirable players (nobody wants to mess up their current profit margins ;) so they don't share lol )

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