/r/KotakuInAction has the dreaded reddit "unpopular opinion" thread. Thankfully restricted to only #GamerGate topics.

Here goes mine: SJWs are more important than Corruption, they have ruined so much in my country already, imo Gamergate is just the tip of the iceberg.

The Corruption is just a Symptom, without getting rid of Authoritarian Leftists we can never get rid of corruption like that. The way they make themselves imune from criticism will always lead to them making money from shady deals becuase they believe themselves to be above any moral judgement.

Imo, this is just the first fight of many.

Ive seen alot of people disagree. Saying we should drop the SJW issue. Saying that all we need is proper ethics format for game sites.

I say no, no to agenda pushing, no to authoritarian thinking. The Motte and Barley argument of "These are just opinion pieces" is rotten to the core. They are not opinion pieces if they are distributed as an authoritarian viewpoint.

Games are only the latest victim of this, They need to be gone. they need to be gone from my country, they need to be gone form the EU, they need to be gone from everywhere. The spiral of silence MUST be broken.

We dont need Fascists that call themselves Leftist. This is what Gamergate truly is about for me. To rid my Hobby from those that have already felled bigger opponents by weaponized weakness and silence.

In the same sense, we should not play ball with their bullshit. We should not appease them and we should not use their tactics. We should understand them, we should learn to undermine them but we should not get perpetualy outraged like they do. We must remove the premise of their tactic from the pattern of possibiltiy. We must make normalfags realize that they can easily be manipulated by arguments that are based on emotion and not on fact.

Furthermore: HEADS MUST ROLL

These people need to be OUT of the Industry. It doesnt matter if they apologize, this is just them covering their bases. Look at them, they will do it again, they must be out of this industry FOR GOOD.

Ess Jay Doubleyews have taken over governments, vote UKIP!

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