r/Overwatch censored this 3x gilded post without explanation: "Overwatch is doing an awesome job with diversity, ..."

Discussions of character sexuality have historical precedent.

Very true, they have a historical precedent but that doesn't mean they're relevant to the game, in a gaming sub.

Discussion of the infamous tracer pose was deemed plenty relevant

I dunno what relevant means to you but relevant to me is anything that affects the game I play, not what random reddit users drool or are offended by whatever the actiblizz design team comes up with.

If blizzard put out a patch that made Doomfist white without changing anything about him mechanically, it would probably merit some discussion

Why, why would that exactly merit discussion? Because they changed the color of his pixels? It would spark a relevant discussion if they actually did change something about him mechanically.

Also, I'm not a mod, I couldn't care less that people are talking about these things, I just scroll past them. My initial comment was why I assumed op's previous post got removed.

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