Rant or rave? Tell us about your weekend!

Ended up meeting with my ex-gf (32F) at a concert in her new city, I'd planned to be there anyway and she came along because I had an extra ticket. We haven't interacted much in person since our amicable mutual breakup, but I had felt in the past few months that I wanted to give us another shot. I was in an unraveling relationship that ended this summer, she has been seeing some guy in a non-serious thing for a few months.

Told her how I felt, we had a good convo about why we split in the first place and I didn't tell her to torpedo what she's doing now, but I did want her to know more as a reference point for future reasons. She said she was glad I told her, and she had a lot of regrets about our breakup and wishes she'd been better to me, which was good to hear.

I don't anticipate it'll go anywhere, but it was nice to get some closure. I had planned to take a dating break anyway, this just solidifies my desire to stay off the apps through winter and see what another year brings as I focus on my interests.

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