Rationality and divergent beliefs | It’s comforting to think those who disagree with our beliefs are simply irrational, but that just isn’t the case. We must be careful in our understanding of the complex factors that motivate beliefs.

This is another pointless, extremist take. You don't have to "lock people up". It's about information. If you've been in contact with the virus, you should be informed of it. Reasonable citizens (seemingly a strong majority, given Pew research on the topic of the virus) would then voluntarily be tested more frequently for the next week or two, and if they come back positive, would be encouraged to self-isolate. Laws would need to be written providing free testing (as some regions of the US are managing already without federal help) and support during self-isolation, but that's vastly less expensive than the cost of allowing continued damage to the economy (by a factor of 6-10, if I recall correctly).

Yes, there will always be idiots who refuse to follow those guidelines. I, however, have enough faith in the American people to expect the average person is not a piece of shit.

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