Real Estate Developer Jaebadiah Gardner Is Losing Confidence in Seattle

LOL some people never change, I wasted hours of time trying to partner with this guy in 2012. I’m a licensed engineer and a licensed real estate broker in WA. I get hit up by people who want to make money together a lot but this guy was one of the worst. They basically want you to do all the work and take on the liability and can’t make their deal of a lifetime work in the first place. Too funny! IMO this guy is a fraud and a media whore. What projects has he done? What deals has he closed? It’s all about selling an image. Maybe he’s closed some deals since 2012.

This is an email to a friend after wasting so much time, I was dismissed by him as not being interested in a great opportunity. Still rings true 8 years later. “The problem is that this guy is more worried about being a super star and having articles written about him than actually knowing anything or having any experience. I fell for it at first and other people will fall fall it as well, at first. Most likely everyone will see through the bedazzlement and realize he actually doesn't have anything really going on.

I'm exhausted after putting a huge amount of time and effort into trying to get something off the ground, researching licensure issues at the MLS, researching energy audit info, writing website content, bringing in another partner. It would only continue that way in the future, where he gets all the glory and I'm running around busting my ass and cleaning up his messes (and probably ruining my reputation).”

This was his response when I told him his proposals were violating real estate law and recommended he get licensed

“If you have hesitations, that's understandable, maybe this is not the right fit for you. With the media exposure I have been receiving the past couple weeks, things have picked up, rather quickly and I need to bring someone on board that is ready to go. I have a handful of friends who are realtors that I can go to for this type of collaboration, especially commercial but I just thought because of your experience it would be a good fit but if you are hesitant because my lack of experience, that's fine too, it sounds like this opportunity may not be for you. Plus, the way things are looking its probably best for GG to team up with someone who has commercial MLS access.

Familiarizing myself with RCW 18.85 is not the difficult part, I'm looking to work with someone who can creatively seek to work within those boundaries to make things happen.

I'm also not particularly partial to folks who says anything is hard or difficult. Of course its going to be difficult, this goes without saying; If it was easy everyone would be doing it. Coming from my background and then completing law school, surmounting obstacles is a daily exercise. I'm more interested in the "how" question. How do we make it work? But I also recognize when things have been pushed too hard and sometimes walking away is the best solution.”

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