Reddit, what are you afraid of? Other redditors, why shouldn't they be afraid of it?

I've been through the same thing. There are a few things I found out about girls who cheat and the indicators:

  • They need to make a point that if anything were to happen, they have had no problem cutting ties like * that * (snaps fingers)

  • They are "strong, independent women" (not sure why they need to emphasize this point all the time, like they need to convince themselves of their own confidence so they can believe it).

  • Contrary to the previous point, they are very needy and require a lot of your time. If you can't entertain them then they get in a pissy mood (which means they get bored easily and need to hop from one thing to the next in life).

  • They have the mentality where they do things and can justify it no matter what it is. Even if a girl you meet is the sweetest thing on Earth, if she is the type that goes "I can go out and drink tonight because I didn't last night and I got a lot of work done" and use this "excuse" to get absolutely hammered and drive home in this state, that's a HUGE red flag. In simpler terms, (they want to do something -> justify it -> take it to the extreme/make bad decisions).

  • They are always suspicious of you. If she has reason not to trust you this is different, but if you just started talking and are hitting it off and for zero reason you come in the room and she's browsing your phone; chances are she's curious if you are doing things equally as scummy as she is.

I could write a book on the red flags from personal experience, but basically it doesn't matter what they APPEAR to be. I've had an absolute angel cheat on me. Personality has no bearing in this. Just avoid the needy, impulsive women who typically don't make good decisions in life. Find a girl who wants to do your hobby with you, doesn't get mad if you don't spend every waking second with her, understands that relationships are a partnership, and doesn't take her phone everywhere with her.

Also, remember that if she presses a question on you when you guys first start talking, it is usually her feeling out her own moral standing. I had a girl ask me multiple times (after a few months of talking and moving into a relationship/spending 7 days a week together) if I was playing the field or talking to other girls; I said no, that I thought we were exclusive. A year later I found out that she was asking because she had been banging/sucking dudes left and right. And her justification was that because we weren't "official" that it wasn't cheating, she felt like I was leaving her, etc. Be careful mate.

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