Teen girl shot to death by police in Texas

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[–]blobligaro 18 points 4 hours ago

A group of heavily armed police shooting a tiny teenage girl multiple times?

That is their job? Funny how this seems to be the job only of your out of control American killer cops.

Why is this is not the job of cops in Canada or the UK or Germany or any other Western European county where this never happens? Do cops in those counties have magic powers ?

So what if she had some little pen-knife. They have hundreds of hours training in hand to hand, particularly close quarters knife defence. They had billy clubs, spring loaded extending batons, pepper spray, tasers, For fucks sake they could have probably disarmed this tiny person with a hard swat from a rolled up newspaper.

But nope, go straight for the Glock and shoot multiple times a little suicidal girl in pig-tails and braces on her teeth.

[–]blobligaro 3 hours ago

People in Canada, the UK, and Germany do not threaten policemen with knives.

LOL, It happens just as often or even more often as the in the US, except in the UK these Police encounters with knives are 100 times less likely to end in a fatal police shooting as in the US according to UK and US government statistics and studies.

And yet the Police in the UK magically don't get stabbed anymore often than US cops do, Amazing isn't it?

Hundreds of hours would be weeks of training.

Cops go to police Academy for 6 months or more. You are just stupid if you think out of that time they don't spend at least two weeks learning in hand to hand combat and particularly how to avoid being stabbed. What are they learning then? How to sit in the doughnut shop drinking coffee?

[–] blobligaro 1 point 2 hours ago A week of self defence training on how to avoid being stabbed with a baton or billy club should be more than sufficient. One hard hit with a baton to break her wrist.

If you can't stop a small girl from stabbing you in your own station lobby when you have her outnumbered 3 to 1 and you have your police batons that give you a 2 foot reach advantage over her knife to smash her face in, not to mention pepper spray, tasers, even chairs and tables you can throw at her, then all I have to say is you are a bunch of incompetent bozos.

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