Reddit, who fucked you over and how did they do it?

TL;DR: Lots of people have fucked me over. This is very long.

Hogulus: She was my best friend and I helped deliver her baby. She went after my (no ex) husband while dating a dude who was taking care of the kid she had with another man like the kid was his own. She got into my ex-husband's head and convinced him I was trash and encouraged him to be verbally, emotionally, and physically abusive.

I worked with her boyfriend, my husband, and her. I ended up leaving the job because in trying to be the better person and not bring it to work, she did everything in her power to make me look bad.

Me: I fucked myself over cause I was so passive. When he was moving her fat ass into my spot on the bed and sent me to the third bedroom, I didn't say a word. I was so far beyond pain that I was numb. I never said anything against her at work because my home life shouldn't affect my job, but maybe I would still be there if I had said something.

My ex-husband: Of course he did what he did. Whatever, he has apologized for it and since we share a child, I have let it go so that we can be civil and friendly for our son.

But when I moved out because the situation was so bad, he took over half of my savings to continue paying rent at the house we were renting and promised to return the remainder when He found a new place. Instead, he used it to rent a new apartment and keep his savings intact.

My creeper ex-landlord: I rented a place in the middle of nowhere from a coworker and his wife. Creeper landlord started showing up more often for no reason and started being inappropriate. I put my foot down about his random visits and met him in public places to pay the rent or met up with he and his wife.

I started telling my best friend (a friend who helped me through the really hard times following the break up) I was finding my underwear and tissues on the floor, that things had been rearranged or were just not right. Best friend told me I am paranoid (I am, it's true, but I also know how I leave my things).

One day I came home from work (3 16 hour shifts in a row and had to go back that night so I was strung out and exhausted) took off my pants and went to bed. I was woken up about an hour later by my landlord shouting my name from my doorway. He claimed my front door had been open and my cat was outside and he wanted to make sure I was okay.

As I am laying there, trembling from exhaustion and being startled, the following thoughts occur to me:

A: the door was shut and locked; B: Cat doesn't go outside, ever; C: My damn shotgun is in the closet because I had been scrubbing my floors by hand and he is between me and the closet; and D: I need to get him out of here or he is going to rape me.

Me: I'm fine, I need to sleep. Thank you for your concern.

Him: I was just concerned cause you didn't answer when I called for you.

Me: I am exhausted and need to sleep. [At this point I reach for my hone and he puts his hand on my arm.]

Him: Your skin is so soft.

Ne: Thank you, I really need to sleep. Please leave. [Starting to feel weak and defeated already. He decides grope my ass through the covers and now there is a chill running down my spine. I'm trying to think and formulate a plan, but I am so freaking tired I might as well be drunk.]

Him: You have such a nice ass.

Me: I need to sleep, please go.

He seems pretty offended at this point.

Him: I just want to make sure you are okay.

Me: I'm fine, I just need to sleep.

He starts to close my bedroom door, but I gain some freaking clarity and grab my damn phone. He immediately re-opens it.

Him: I saw you have some trash bags. You want me to take them?

I was going to load up the 3 bags of garbage and take them with me to my friend's apartment and dump them on my next day off.

Me: If you want to, I just need to sleep.

Him: Well, could you show me your tits for the favor?

Me: I'll just take them, I need to sleep, please leave.

He gets pretty pissy now, decides to grope my butt again. I can feel his anger. He mumbles something that I can't make out through the blood in my ears, then leaves, slamming the door.

The slamming door must have woken me up completely, as well as the sudden surge of adrenalin. I text my best friend what happened and because I am not a person who ever lies, there is no doubt about this. He texts that he is coming to get me and I tell him everything. I end up moving out three days later into another friend's house.

Ex landlord's wife hounds my ex-husband and my best friend for details. Thankfully there was no lease to worry about. Ex-landlord shows up at my best friend's apartment and admits to what happened and offers to pay me off. I didn't take up that offer.

Step-dad: Why'd you gotta be a raper guy and abuser? How do you find it in your to start molesting and raping a two-year old?

Mom: Why didn't you stop it when I came to you instead of asking why I couldn't let you be happy? You weren't happy, you just letting that man beat the shit out of us. Why'd you have to lie and get me put in a girl's home and abandon me to foster care? I was your flesh and blood.

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