Redditors, what did your SO do (or not do) that made you suspect he/she was cheating on you?

We used to live together, but he lost his job and got a lower paying job (way lower minimum wage gas station job). We couldn't really afford our apartment anymore. Then my grandma Was told she only had a few months left and needed someone to live with her or go to nursing home. So, we decided he would move back in with his parents and I'd go take care of my grandma. I thought our relationship was stronger then that and we could make it, I would only be 30 minutes away. Months go by and he seems distant. He's starts only seeing once a week, then once every few weeks, he doesn't answer my texts or phone calls for hours saying he's sleeping, but he's been liking and commenting on things on Facebook during the time he's "sleeping". Then a get a notification that he added a new picture. It was a selfie of a girl I'd never seen with the caption "she's on my mind" then when I click on it, it's deleted. I start calling him pissed he claims his brother did that with some bullshit about he forgot to log out and his brother thought it was his Facebook. it didn't make a lot of sense. But, eventually I brush it off. About a month later we get a hotel room to try and rekindle our relationship. Were laying in.bed and he's sleeping, something tells me to look at his phone. I see only two threads in his texts one is me and another that says John. They're obviously between a guy and girl, I wake him up pissed off. He says he let a coworker use his phone to text his wife because they shared a phone, it would explain the John contact name. Big huge fight but eventually I believe the bullshit, because, well I'm stupid. Another month goes by and it's my 21st birthday and he's supposed to take me out. I text him saying

"You up yet, babe?" and get this reply "WHO THE FUCK IS THIS?!?!" Then my phone starts ringing, it's his number. I answer and it's a girl. She starts cussing me out and wakes him up. He tells her he has no idea who I am! I prove to her he's lying describing and telling her everything I know. Turns out she's an ex stripper/hooker and did those some shitty porn. Not only that she starts telling me she has herpes and all these other STDs and there's a little kid crying in the background. Heartbroken I hang up, that doesn't stop her. She called 187 times that day until I had to turn my phone off and call to have my number changed.

All the STD talk scared the shit out of me, I lost my virginity to him, only guy I'd ever been with. I make an appointment for an STD check, at the doctors I find out I'm 6 weeks pregnant. Like the true dumbass I am I get back together with him a little while later. I still am. I don't think I love him and I don't trust him, I don't even live him, I don't want to. I've tried leaving him and now he just threatens certain things about me to take my daughter away from me. I wish he'd just disappear without a trace.

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