Redditors with huge dicks and tits, what are some big dick/big tits problems that not many people know about?

Larger sized clothing frequently does cost more though (and yes, the actually useful bras are super expensive). And with big tits, it often also means you have to get a larger size than you'd otherwise need, so while your tits don't strain the fabric, the fit for the rest of the torso sucks. Bigger sizes tend to come with longer arms, so unless I buy tops with sleeves that are made to not come to the wrist (actually do prefer those anyway), I look like an overgrown big-boobed toddler with folded-up sleeves. Even worse on jackets, since there, all sleeves are (too) long; I hate it.

Larger sizes also often come with what is euphemistically referred to as "size-adjusted length", which mean they make it longer, so everything becomes a sort of night gown length and the proportions make shorter people even more dumpy. Idk why the assumption must be that anyone with a large size must also be tall. People generally grow wider when they need bigger sizes, not necessarily longer. Especially not the women.

So: ill-fitting everywhere but the chest, too long on my torso, and always with the sleeves too long, too. Then I get to pay more for them than people in smaller sizes do. It really is no wonder I don't enjoy clothes-shopping one bit.

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