A restaurant in my area honoring the 13 service members killed recently.

It's so strange to see post like this while I think about the 600,000+ Americans who have died from Covid. more people than the entire number of Americans who died because of WWII...

It's not that, in any sense, I want to make light of the sacrifice and service of members of the U.S. Armed Forces and our Allies, or the travesty of decades of seemingly pointless foreign policy, or the horrors of terrorist any attacks.

But, I just can't wrap my head around all these posts, across the last 2 days, that are obviously pointed at Karma farming about the attack at the Kabul Airport.

While every day so many people I encounter make no effort to combat the spread of a highly contagious and lethal disease in their community. I'm just stunned. The hubris, ignorance, and vanity of so many. hey beat their chests and rage at the ultimate sacrifice made by our service members, while they actively endanger so many around them.

Where is the display at my workplace, to honor half a million+ dead Americans from the last year, to see while I have to beg strangers to wear a mask over their mouth and nose at the same time. Every day.

Over and Over I have seen now dead service members photographs, and their memorials paraded on this platform. The opportunism is sickening.

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