[Rewatch] Cross Ange: Rondo of Angel and Dragon - Episode 12

WB, and you're pulling out all the quotes today.

Evil Nunnally with a whip, because why not?

Oh hell yes! I live for bizarre shit like this.

I remember this image being thrown

That's pretty much how I feel about my political enemies.


I was so blown away the first time I saw this. This entire sequence is wonderful choreographic work.

a bit overcomplicated when a simple deathcamp would have sufficed.

You've got a point there. As Scott Evil would say, Just shoot them! Here, I'll take my gun and shoot them right now!

But if there was a revolt before, how did the Norma lose?

That's a good question. However, in the episode with the duet, Jill realizes that the song is the third key to fully awakening the power of the Vilkiss. Royal Blood and a Ring are the other 2 keys.

have the double meaning in Japanese it has in English?

lol, a mind that never leaves the gutter is a precious thing to possess.

If Tusk's up against a guy who shares Ange's dream...

It does look like Tusk is surrounded by malcontents.

I've heard this one before.

it's the MAD solution, along with the option to nuke down 20 meters so that even the Martians won't recolonize the place.

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