‘Rights are lost by cowardly laws': Snowden says govts, not terrorists, undercut free speech

Yup. He was a CIA agent. Doing trickle releases to educate the population that they're being spied on. His goal was never to make us upset. It was to educate the public SLOWLY, and SAFELY, without upsetting them, and causing a revolution to pop up.

Seems it worked. 10 years ago, the idea of the Government spying on everything you did, was CONSPIRACY TIN FOIL HAT INSANITY. Now, nearly 100% of people in world accept it(or else, you're a terrorist).

Bush gets a lot of blame. I'm sure Trump will too. They both deserve it. But, people tend to forget, we went from 100% not spied on(as far as we knew), to 100% spied on, during the 8 years of Obama.

Back during Bush, the people still cared. I remember after 9/11(he actually had a reason) the government started collecting information from every library in the USA, on every citizen's books they looked at. People were about to rebel over this, calling Bush a Nazi. But, against Obama, if anybody rebelled too hard, they were called a racist.

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