Ryzen and Vega (Acer Predator Helios 500 nude from Linus Tech Tips)

Why would anyone give ACER money? They have contracts with Intel and Nvidia to DELIBERATELY NOT SELL AMD GAMING LAPTOPS FROM THEIR OFFICIAL STORE. Try to find the Helios 500 with an AMD Ryzen cpu and Vega56 gpu in their official store, you DAMN WELL sure can find the Intel/Nvidia version. Also, notice on their official product page for the helios 500, it LITERALLY DOES NOT LIST A GPU NAME. Doesn't even mention AMD as the gpu, but oddly the Intel/Nvidia Helios, 100% shows the GPU right on the main product page. ACER are sellouts and have contracts with Shintel/Nvidia to make sure AMD doesn't get sales, manipulating the market even more. What a joke, this subreddit pushes ACER, but they are literally not a friend of AMD.

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