Saber about the ADC role in Season 10

what we need to make adc feel playable again:

- no autofill for jungle/support role

- give adcs better base stats and scaling stats

- give change IE to 250% crits for range only champs.

The fundamental problem with adc is that they literally have no say over the lane, a lot of the time lane is just lost in champ select(note: as a solo player) because your support is either autofilled or picks something useless which means as a solo player you are gonna sit through 15 minutes of hell in lane already. Add the fact that you literally cant impact other parts of the map until you gain strength or are heavily snowballing. And even if you dont lose the game at 20 minutes your lategame is still pretty awful compared to other champs and the damage is lackluster compared to the risk of losing early when picking champions like jinx, tristana or vayne.

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