Salesforce CEO: "Today we are canceling all programs that require our customers/employees to travel to Indiana to face discrimination."

Did you spend 4 years in the Haute: [ ] Yes [ ] No Then you missed out on things.

So either way I answer that, I "missed out on things." What "things" do you think I missed out on, specifically? It really is scary that you know me so well.

By the way... West Lafayette? Seriously? The only thing in West Lafayette is Purdue. I spent plenty of time there during my college years. Sure, I had a good time, went to a few breakfast clubs, but it's nothing special. South Bend is super fun too, with all it's catholic white boys and discrimination. My best friend can't even get proper women's health on that campus now. MAN did I miss out on life by not being in either one of those boring ass Indiana towns. Oh wait, they are in Indiana too. Well shiiiiiit. Dumb ass new law still applies.

I'm also sure Rose-Hulman is the only institute that employs individuals of questionable morals. By golly, what a shame.

Worth a note: My SO got the exact same degree as I did from a B1G school (one that actually has a decent football team and bunch of shit to do around town). We hold the exact same position at the same company with about the same amount of experience in industry. The difference? I get paid 30% more than him. I know that's only one example, and it's extreme, but it's there. And lucky for me, we've been able to compare our college experiences. Was there stuff he did that I missed out on? Sure. Here is the kicker though... did I experience stuff that HE missed out on? You bet. I'll wait while your head explodes. Unbelievable, isn't it?

I'd much rather spend my time in a small place surrounded by hyper intelligent individuals, than spend my weekends around a town filled with idiot frat boys.

Did I have a "typical" state college experience? No. I didn't want that. I experienced the most amazing things with the most amazing people while I was a student. In my head, you are the one who missed out. Then again, I think I now understand why Rose wasn't for you.

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