Samantha Bee’s message for liberals: Ivanka Trump is not your secret buddy

So since I actually was part of the ground game and actually know what I'm talking about, Hillary's "Ground game" only saw volunteers come out in the cities. They never went into rural towns.

As someone who was stationed on the front of the Trumpocalypse in a rural town, we had maybe 5 volunteers. We had a massive city less than an hour away, but we only had 1 volunteer ever join us from there. Liberals stayed in their bubbles, didn't come to the rural towns, and as such millions of rural voters were never challenged on the shit they read online.

I know its easier to convince yourself that you're making a difference online so you don't have to get off the couch. But you're not. The Russian campaign was effective because neither side sees what the other side posts. Tomi Lahren, who much of this site hadn't heard of until Trevor Noah, gets tens of millions of views on her videos.

The only way to break down the barrier that social media and our real life communities built up between the two sides is to get off your ass, go somewhere you wouldn't, and just fucking talk to people. That's all it takes. I convinced dozens of trump voters, and countless undecideds over those few months just by talking to them honestly and with empathy for their situation.

Our nation is incredibly divided, and the only way to start to fix that is to actually talk to people you normally never would, and that requires hard work and real life contact.

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