Schizophrenia ??!?

heyo! i would recommend cleaning up diet, because no joke we are what we eat, if we put poison in, we get poison out.... toxic food goes in, toxic emotions and body systems are a result. check this out, i'm starting this diet tomorrow (again, had to try a bunch of times, never quite get it right but i learn a lot each time i try) it's called the GAPS diet and supposedly it can heal people of schizophrenia

i have been to Peru and taken ayahuasca a few times, i would really recommend it, but in my opinion it's best to get the diet cleaned up and be feeling as good as possible before taking that on. Here is the GAPS book

here is some info. feel free to hit me up! a stranger told me about it a few years ago, i'm forever grateful, gives me hope:) peace and happy new years to you:)

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