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Galactic Attack

Galactic Attack is an arcade top down shooter with an emphasis on kinaesthetics, raw “game-feel,” with an arsenal of physics manipulating weapons. Pilot a Gladii class spacecraft, a battleship capable, and designed, to wipe out planets. Process the raw materials into a bigger, better arsenal, but you know how it goes, mo’ weapons mo’ problems, you’re going to have to put them to work destroying bigger, better planets. Go as far as you can: Crush their planets, see them driven before you, defeat space bosses, and gain experience points. Of course, the best measure of success is making yourself look better than others, compete with your friends to reach the top of the leaderboards.


This is my first game I've actually wanted to complete, started from a game created for a Game Jam. It still has a while to go but I am proud of what it has so far. The boss is unable to be defeated currently, I am still working on the fight for it. Xbox controller controls were just added and should be working pretty fine too! Currently working on a dash to the side system, use them with Q/E or bumpers, right ow you can only dash if you aren't moving, I'm not sure how I want it yet though.

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Planets(Procedural Generated Textures): 1,2,3,4

GIF starting game

GIF of boss battle start(Working on a boss)


Near a blackhole

Space Station

Player(Soon to be replaced though)

Flamethrower Weapon

Leaderboards!!!(No UI art yet ):)

Thanks! and all feedback is very appreciated!

Bonus Question: I personally haven't bought anything like this, but I suppose its not a bad thing. I know a few games that I would buy if this were done to them. I guess if its what people want, then let them have it ;)

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