(Serious) friends/relatives of people who were on "To Catch a Predator", what were your reactions like?

Someone has answered your question above.

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Is this is the article you're talking about?

To answer the OP's question below, her teenage daughters seem fine with it:

A month later Dianna finally allowed Todd to see her daughters. Rachel ran up and gave him an enormous hug. He burst into tears. Dianna had a revelation: Todd was part of her family. She felt she had to give him a second chance, even though it wouldn’t be an easy choice to live with. Together they’d have to face the repercussions of the broadcast of the Dateline episode—and Todd’s trial, which would take place sometime early the next year.

That night when she told her girls, they were ecstatic. “I would have been mad if you left him,” Jessica told her. “I believe in him.” Rachel called Todd, exulting, “Mom says she’ll still marry you.”


In October of this year, Dianna made up her mind to divorce Todd. The two had been married just a year. When she told her daughters of her choice, they were furious. “Rachel didn’t say a word to me for two weeks,” she says.

But eventually the girls forgave Dianna, though they remain angry at Todd’s sentence and upset about the way that Dateline tore apart their lives. “If they put this part—the part where the family has to clean up the mess—in the TV show, I don’t think the ratings would be nearly as high,” Dianna says.

My mind is blown, but then again, I think those girls have had a hard life so maybe they love this guy because was a stable part of their life? I mean, their mom left them for a while due to a crystal meth addiction:

Dianna felt she knew something about mistakes and redemption. A few years earlier she’d gotten hooked on crystal meth. In 2003 she left her girls with their father while she recovered in rehab.
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