[Serious] Redditors who have had sex with celebrities, what was it like?

nah, but we had lunch in the same place, seperate of course...we were both alone..i was outside smoking a cigarette getting off a phone call when she exited, and that's when i apologized for "disturbing" her, and then i asked her out, she turned me down stating she had a boyfriend but was really nice

backstory: i was working in soho model souting for a shady modeling company, basically all i did was walk up to beautiful girls with a perfectly good and legitimate reason, get it?

Anyway it was lunch time and i headed over to a favorite sandwich/soup/dessert shop of mine, and as i'm walking in i look thru the window and i said to myself wow that chick looks like Julia Stiles...so i walk up to the counter and she is standing there and im looking and about to order when i turn to her and say "I was just thinking you look just like Julia Stiles, and she turns to me raises her hand in a non chalant way and says "HI" and half smiles, i apologized and swore it that i didnt bother her, and that i eat lunch there often, she says no problem, we both order, my order came first, and i took my tray and went off to the side and sat down at a big table with a sofa, and picked up something to read...i can see very well when people think im not looking and i noticed she got half a sandwich and a small soup, BUT (and this is why i decided to ask her out) as she was going up the stairs she turns to her side and looks down at me trying not to be seen in an hmm interesting and inquisitive fashion, but i didnt dare look up.

next thing you know i'm outside asking her out.

the sad part is that she lived in Soho at the time, which i did not know, and i worked there, and on another day i was walking up a street and here she comes! oh shit we noticed each other and she looked uncomfortable upon noticing me , so i just put my head down and kept walking, in order to make her feel comfortable and not have her think i was a stalker, the company i was working for was located on roadway , in the neighborhood basically.

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