Shaving with Acne/ Aftershave

Hey bro, I've had the same issues as you and I wanna help. First let me preface what I'm about to recommend by saying it may not work for you but this is what I've found helps my face tremendously. First, shave daily or every other day and run the blade over your whole cheeks not necessarily just where theres hair, it looks like you dont have a ton of facial hair but ive found that going up to the relatively high cheek area is good for my skin. Definitely don't use a crappy shaving cream and use a brush for sure, ideally something with some stiffness to it to rub off old skin like an omega boar brush. I use glycerin based soap pucks in a cup from which i make lather. Always shave AFTER a shower never before and make sure you soap up your whole face in the shower with whatever bar of soap you are using (ideally something like dove that has a lot of moisturizer). When out of the shower, lather up, shave (ideally with a DE or SE) and then rinse with lukewarm or slightly cold water, dry with a CLEAN TOWEL EVERY TIME (buy a 100 pack on amazon of small towels theyre cheap), then use a moisturizing after shave like nivea's post shave balm for sensitive skin (not anything alcohol based). I would avoid alum unless needed for bleeding points - don't rub it all over your face, it will dry you out and stimulate more oil production. When done with the moisturizing after shave, DONT TOUCH YOUR FACE AGAIN - until your next shave. Always make sure your hands are pristine before touching your face and that your facial skin is clean before taking a blade to it. Most common reason to create facial infections from shaving is dirty hands or dirty face that's why its imperative to shower FIRST. Source? I've been there. PM me with any questions.

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