This short film exposes the lie we live each day.

Whilst i can except their is an inherent problem with the consuming nature of our society, one must first except that if you are going to solve a problem you must be realistic about it. This video has a good over all message, but the application of its solution would be illogical. firstly the implication that the past is better than our present, or that even that in the past we were more free / better off is highly debatable; for example autocratic rulers , slavery and bloody wars.

Yes their is a problem, but being to unrealistic / perfectionist in its solution will only create the situation for another flawed system to then occur. We did not have to obey our masters, e.g. the french/ English/ Russian/ American/ Cuban... revolution, however historically the circle of governments rising and falling always results in the reinstatement of a old but newly dressed system; and the perfections aims of the original change never fully hold true. e.g. slow removal of liberties in The USA or Napoleon being dictator of France.

If you really want change, take your head out of the sand. Yes the system has to be changed, but to blame it all on our evil masters is not correct; we as a population of the planet have allowed this.

To quote V (as did the video show the film): "If you are looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror"

yes there may be a tycoon in the glass tower, but it was not only the tycoon who built the tower willingly.

If you want change, be realistic and except the lessons of past attempts and common history; only then can the huge and effective change take place. Only with the exception of the already well known facts and truths, e.g. many would like to own a big car; but not to have global warming, can real change be made.

TL:DR Fix the real world, don't replace it with a false and flawed fantasy; we've seen it before, it won't work.

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