Should wait staff get paid a livable wage? Yes. Should you still tip 20% until then? Yes.

I'm so sick of this shit. I make $19/hour. I can't afford to tip. I can barely get by myself and you think I should voluntarily pay extra so somebody else can make a living wage? Fuck off with that shit. I'll tip when I can afford it.

In fact, if you make less than $23/hr you probably shouldn't be tipping either. It's OK to say no. It's not your responsibility to pay people for their work, it's your employers, and it's up to the people working those jobs to decide if it's worth it for them.

I'll tip when I can afford it. Since I live in America that'll probably never happen. Tip culture sucks, just lie everything else about this country.

OP sounds like an employer, or a worker that gets paid mostly in tips. Of course you want people to tip, the problem is people can't fucking afford to. Asking for tips is NO different than asking for donations. Why should anybody donate to you? Because you carried my plate off food? Fuck you, your employer can pay for that.

Tip 20% for normal service. FFS. There used to be a reason you tipped. From what I read you used to tip for BETTER service. Now it's tip everybody because they don't get laid a livable wage. I DON'T GET PAID A LIVABLE WAGE EITHER.

Now I'll get down voted by everybody who works a tip based job.

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