"Show me one example of Trump being homophobic"

I think it is interesting how the conversation was taken from being about gay marriage and was twisted into being almost exclusively about trans issues. While his pick for judges and VP and mostly everyone he surrounds himself with is strong republican and right wing, that is not an indication that he is against gay marriage. If he were, I think you would have already seen an executive order in regards to it. I do not think he has a problem with gay marriage specifically but has chosen to couch himself in the right wing as that is where he has been accepted. However, trans is a completely different thing. Honestly I am shocked that those who support both things lump them together as 1 issue because they really are 2 completely different issues, psychologically and physically. Trans is a denial that there are 2 genders and that the physical reproductive organs one is born with do not determine the gender of a child/person. Homosexuality is the sexual attraction to one of the same sex. 2 VERY different issues. Stop pretending that your LBGTQ+ symbol is one big issue, when really they are several different issues.

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