sleeping in jeans is amazing

Look, people. I get it.

Religion Bad.

Fat people Bad.

Circumcision Bad.

Orange Man Bad.

Diversity Bad.

Instagram Bad.

Abortion Bad.

Trans/LGBT People don't deserve the praise.

The Office is Overrated.

Hitting Women Back is ok.

Weed Culture sucks.

Pedophiles and Nazis should be killed.

False Rape Accusers should be thrown in prison.

Reddit Mods Suck.

Anti-Vaxxers Bad.

Peta Bad.

Ellen Bad.

NYC/San Francisco are Bad/Overrated.

Friends isn't Funny.

Summer Bad.

Marvel/Captain Marvel Bad because feminism (also Bad)

Jesus Fucking Christ, can we please start upvoting actual UNPOPULAR OPINIONS? Every time I come onto here it's always the same 5 opinions on the top that have been posted thousands of times already. This sub is more r/politicalcirclejerk or r/personalopinion more than anything.

It's like anything on this sub that isn't a popular/"non spoken majority opinion" is downvoted into oblivion because people don't understand how the upvote/downvote button works on this sub.

It is extremely rare to see an actual unpopular opinion get upvoted on here because people only upvote what they agree with.

We get you like sleeping in jeans ... Can we move on to some real unpopularopinion!

/r/unpopularopinion Thread