Snapdragon 888 vs Apple A14 vs Kirin 9000: 5nm chipset showdown

Well for one thing, that software is proprietary, which means it is going to be more expensive, just like anything else that is proprietary. The software alone isn’t worth the up charge, sure, but if you take into consideration how the software works WITH the hardware, you can see where that extra bit comes from.

It’s not just “some software optimization”. It’s the WHOLE software and being able to work perfectly with every other Apple device.

Calling it shit while looking at just specs is fine, sure, I’ll agree with that. But like I said, that’s not really fair when hardware doesn’t tell the whole story here. If you’re looking at just specs and immediately pin it as “shit” you’re missing a whole other side of the story. Bottom line is, hardware isn’t and shouldn’t be the end all be all.

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