Sorry, Republicans. You can’t call out Northam for racism and give Trump a pass.

This is the top comment on the post you linked. Just because the media has told you your whole life who/what/why is racist, doesnt make it true, when will you all learn? The media specifically what you all watch is owned by a very bad group of elites who want to control us all and make us fight, argue, bicker, hate and kill eachother. To not recognise this is to say you don't know shit about shit.

Like how unless you actually have evidence of collusion all you have is 2 years of a national DISGRACE, that's posioned the minds of millions. I simply can't believe any of you still want to be associated with it

Just as, unless you actually have evidence of Trump BEING A RACIST all you really have claims from one of these filthy propaganda mills that btw are going to be done soon enough. When they are yous can join us in the real world, in all its newfound glory, all thanks to a racist, who signed more bills that help black folk than any of your false presidents, explain how is it that ghettos not only exist but are still the norm? Democratic ghettos. The governor aunty ugly lives in a huuuge (walled?) mansion? To oversee the ever growing gangs and homeless ? Trump's done more for black folk than YOU and everyone on this sub and the last 4 presidents COMBINED, and there's much MUCH more, When you find out what he's been trying to do for the last 2 years while having to deal with the fucking disgusting trash coming out of this side you WILL hang your head in shame. Don't worry we will welcome you all when you wake the fuck up.


------Howdy! Figured I'd chime in as someone who absolutely does NOT support Trump and who is also a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. I am 30 years old and have been a member since about 2012.

As an SCV member literally all we do is carry on the history of the war and clean up Civil War graves. (Union AND Confederate) Some of the guys are involved in reenactments. Even the Sons of Union Veterans absolutely support us. You may not like the history. You may not like the flag. But the SCV is absolutely NOT some racist hate group. ANYONE is welcome at our events, meetings, functions etc. We encourage folks to stop by at our meeting spots.

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