[LOL][SPOILERS]CLG 'fans' are a bunch of sore losers

A part of me will always be a fan of CLG because I'm a big fan of their legacy (HSGG, the original God of LoL; DL; Chauster; etc. etc. etc.), but damn it's really hard to realistically expect high level success when you look at how they have been run at an organizational perspective.

I think George took some very good steps in the right direction after last Summer's debacle. Bringing in ZionSpartan was a step in the right direction. Aphromoo is a great piece to build around. I still think DL can be a great ADC with the right coaching and direction, but I'm starting to have doubts after this last split. Link and Xmithie probably need to be replaced.

As far as the coaches go, I think Scarra brings a good mind, but I have always had my doubts about Zikz. Now, obviously, I have no inside perspective on how CLG operates, but I really don't see the value that Zikz brings to the table either as an analyst or a coach. Maybe it's because CLG's downfall during the 2014 Summer Split coincided with Zikz being brought in as an analyst. Maybe it's all those times that Zikz was nice enough to participate in the CLGFighting Twitch chat in which he repeatedly told us how CLG had a really good Pick/Ban phase only to subsequently get crushed by Curse or LMQ or what have you. I also can't shake the feeling that the players don't fully respect him as a coach. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure the players like him as a person and whatnot, but if Zikz ever tried to lay down the law during scrims or VoD review, it seems to me that the players would just be like "Ok, whatever..."

I don't know. CLG has always been a very reactive organization as opposed to proactive like TSM. As much as I absolutely hate Regi's personality sometimes, he is by far the best owner in League of Legends when it comes to managing a successful roster and training talent. He's ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS, looking for a way to make sure TSM continues to improve and be a World-class team. He's ALWAYS looking for a competitive advantage. I just don't get that same vibe from HotShot, and it's pretty disappointing because CLG, as a brand, is too big and too iconic to remain mediocre.

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