South Africans living in the U.K, do you regret the move?

In south Africa I have never ever experienced racism towards me personally and directly (I am white), but then in the West there is lots of racism towards all races, mostly by whites. The most difficult thing about living in the west is the new-age social media culture. When some westerners hear a white south African left south Africa they believe it must be because he is racist and a rich assholes who is running away with the country's money made from exploitation. Racism is seriously much less of an issue in South Africa compared to the west than people realise, the institute for race relations seems to reflect that (I don't know how credible it is though).

The tone-deafness from western white people is also sever, like they believe the native Americans were living in anarchy (and they romanticize it), but that's exactly what the colonisers thought, they are saying they were "uncivilized". Just because their civilization didn't look like European civilization doesn't mean they didn't have one, just like because they didn't have a writing system doesn't mean they didn't have codified laws.

They also believe everything bad that happens in all of Africa is always because of what white people did/do, as if non-white people are powerless to affect their own destiny and just helplessly blowing in the wind to the whims of white people. And then they think they aren't racist and morally supreme, but that I am racist because I left south Africa because I didn't want to live in fear of being tortured to death...

Still, westerner's shelteredness, ignorance, hubris, and moralizing to the point of gluttony, are better traits than South Africans' defining traits of murder and rape. But make no mistake, there is far more racism in the west than in South Africa, but you probably won't get raped and murdered for fun.

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