Israel cancels annual high schoolers’ trips to Poland

I call absolute bs at every one of that statistic.even the amount of declared Christians in Poland on that website is lower than it is for now.the sample must have been low or cherry picked. And It's very debatable if thinking that Jews are more loyal to Israel than to country they live in make you antisemite. Considering their history and how they survived as a group without a country it's is kind of a fact that they don't assimilate fully to a country they live in. It's sad that that Israel uses antisemite card to put pressure on countries they don't agree with. And then rewrite history (the history of Jews in Poland as well) to keep their identity the same. Sad to see countless poles that risked their lives in ww2 and helped Jews branded as antisemites now. But hey it's politics, they found something that works on other counties and their own people so they will keep using it

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