(Spoilers Everything) Anybody else sad because we will get no new POV characters. Every new one was like new rich world opened.

He took 3 large books to write act I. Two to write act II (winter came) and now he thinks two will be enough for the final act.

Yeah - setup and creation of his world was ... fun, if not overly complex

Movement toward character inner conflict and resolution has been excrutiating -- all because he has too many character and each with their own fandom and each need resolution -- we are not talking about a mono-protagonist Jon Gault -- there are nearly a dozen characters in ASOIAF each of whom require a 3-step conflict resolution rebirthing process -- you'd think he'd figure out that only one or two (or three or four) are enough? .. but .. no. that's ok .. more books = more money ... = more HBO .. not a bad thing from that perspective

I don't see a problem with him finishing the stories beside his age

He doesn't have to finish the books - it woul dbe nice, bt there is enough information in GoT itself to imagine how it all works out - and yeah, it would be great for him to have itme to pursue other works -- Dunk&Egg .. or even other setting sci-fi he will be defined by ASOIAF .. and that is kinda sad - as it makes him a caricature of sorts -- a one-trick pny - whereas the trith is he is a multi-generational folk teller of tales adeptly using multi-environments (future space, historic space, multi-dimensional) .. eh .. whatever ..

Why not a liitle bit of.. someone new

someone new isn't going to wrap up sotries -- unless .. well .. i'd like to see this someone new being a Flea Bottom begger .. who could in the end be a mummer .. or .. a Faceless Man .. or even ... a younger brother of a medieval robot of sorts ... LOL .. i suspect a new POV character will be an old character 'hidden' as a new character ...

And the Cersai thing .. she can't quite die off as she is the President with her finger on the proverbial Red Button of nuclear Holocaust .. and there is no Cold War Red Telephone being carried around in a briefcase advisor .. which is what the pact was

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