I still look bad even with a normal weight

In addition to that good source with all the pictures of posing, I’ll have to add that you probably have a slightly distorted view of yourself. Even when I was 5’4 and 118lbs, I felt I looked weird. I always seem to carry weight in my lower abdomen and look mildly pregnant imo. Now that im about 15lbs over that, I notice more women with my old body and size and realize how distorted my ideas were. Yeah, it’s still not a perfectly flat stomach from multiple angles like all the girls I envy, but it’s still a nice body overall and I don’t think women with similar bodies at that size look gross. I honestly think they look good, so I’m trying to fill my insta feed with bodies(albeit, nicely angled versions) that look like me for inspo.

Try looking into things that cause bloat and how to fix bloating. Other than that, you have to sort of accept that you’re just nitpicking yourself.

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