I stood up for myself for the first time today, and damn it felt good.

I feel sorry for you, love.. I really do.

I tried to take the things that men you know in real life are NEVER going to tell you, and explain them in a manner that would help you understand. I knew it wouldn't be gentle, but I had hoped that you would leverage our mutual anonymity towards looking beyond my abrasiveness and seeing the bigger picture.

It is very, very sad that you are able to convince yourself that you are a victim of anything. You can't empower yourself by belittling the "men" who catcall you. That's not how power works, girl. You empower yourself by understanding the situation from as many angles as possible, and then using that knowledge to consider the best way to proceed towards getting what you ultimately want.

If you were smart, you would have heard what I told you, and recognized that you aren't a victim of jack shit. You can't stop men from approaching you, you cant change the way that they are going to do it. You will find your power in acknowledging this to yourself. We are all victims of human nature, but you personally aren't special here. The weak guys are going to approach you weakly - catcalling, etc. The weak women are going to get mad about it, and say/do ANYTHING in their power to convince themselves that they are being wronged in some way. The strong women don't mind being catcalled - because they understand what's really happening, and it's funny to them. The strong men don't give two shits and a damn about any of that - I have a business to run, and two songs to finish an album by April.

Don't be a weak woman. Be a strong one. You aren't a victim of anything. Frankly, your plan is to turn around and laugh at the guys who try to interact with you, and that makes you a fucking bitch. I really, really, REALLY feel sorry for you. I can't imagine going through my life like that... honestly seeing the world with that attitude as my default lens. I don't have the slightest clue how you are going to accomplish the things you want to accomplish in life, and it really ruined my day. I did my best to help you, i hope you know that.

Be the strong woman, not the weak one. Find your power by understanding the intricacies of the situation, and then using that information to make the best moves you have available towards whatever it is that you want in your life. If I could just grab you by the fucking ears and some how force you to understand that the guys who catcall you were MORE uncomfortable doing it then you ever were receiving it, then maybe you could use that information to develop a better strategy.

Seriously, good luck though. Because I seriously doubt that another man any time soon is going to put his own agenda aside to sit down and REALLY try to explain the intricacies of the male side of the situation to you again. Right now, your plan is to be a fucking bitch and keep trying to convince yourself that you don't have the answers to your own problems. You'll let the women on twoX convince you that you don't have the answers to your own problems. You seem like you will go to any extreme of full-on denial, to try to maintain this mindset that we should somehow be cheering you on for being a fucking mess of a person right now. You'd rather be a victim, and it's pathetic. I feel bad for you, I hate to keep saying it but its the truth. You really need an adjustment. Your life is going to be a huge fucking nonstop struggle if you can't stop being the weak woman.

Your plan is to laugh at them. That doesn't make you the strong woman. The strong woman laughs at cat callers because she has put the effort into understanding what they are really doing, and why.. and she knows how truly pathetic they are. It's laughable.

You will laugh at cat callers, because you don't care enough to put the effort into understanding what they are doing or why. You are content to be the victim, and tie the whole thing up written off with a bow as 'being objectified', and it's somehow THEIR fault that you don't know how to be approached..... .. You will laugh at them, but it won't be because you understand how pathetic they are like the strong woman does. You will only be laughing because that's your sad little defense mechanism. Yet another way to keep yourself locked up in that fantasy world of yours, where you don't have any control over this stuff and none of it is your fault.

Good luck. You should be seriously, seriously worried about having a normal future until you grow the fuck up. I didn't type you 3 essays today because I want to put you down. I did it because your pathetic fucking post and the ludacris mental gymnastics you do to avoid confronting your share of the responsibility in changing the situation made me feel sadness for the first time so far in 2015. The way you act, is SCARY and your life is going to be HARD if you don't make CHANGES to the way you APPROACH THINGS.

GOD I really feel sad for you. You remind me of my little sister, and I just want you to fucking turn your eyes on and start finding your power through learning that you are powerful in comparison to these guys who cat call you, not by being a bitch and pretending like that's somehow making things better for yourself long term. When you're 35, you'll still get cat called, you'll be a very experienced BITCH, and you STILL won't understand the situation enough to find true power.

I pity you. I think the whole male gender pities women like you. We see right through your bullshit, you know? You point and laugh, but the jokes on you because we see right through you and your fake power. And that's ok, because strong men understand WHY you are using fake power until you understand US too and find your real power. The only women on this earth, that I immediately write off, are the ones who use fake power, yet still maintain a high degree of denial that the real power the strong women have even exists. They would all rather be victims than take control, and it's so sad. Fuck you glitterific, you need to hear me this time. Because I'm not going to say another word to you for the rest of your life, I'm going back to my own now. Good luck with the personal issues - I hope you sort them out. Life is hard. The way that you approach it, it's going to be down right fucking miserable. I hope you remember that next time you have a bad day, and magically grow the hell up. You won't though, because you're one of the most prosaic people I have encountered in a fucking VERY long time. You're gona be the weak woman who gets catcalled forever and can't find a good man who will take her seriously, because you don't care enough to crawl out of your bullshit shell and empower yourself, you fucking idiot. Later.

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