Sweden, Finland to apply to NATO: Two newspapers - one Swedish, the other one Finnish - are reporting that the governments of Sweden and Finland have agreed to submit NATO applications at the same time

I think all of what you said is true and I completely agree. However, I do still believe his absolute main goal was to seize Ukraine and remove the possibility of Russia losing any sort of market with natural resources in EU. The amount of natural resources that were just waiting to be harvested to compete with Russia was too big of a risk, even if they wouldn't have the funds to properly harvest it for years, if not decades more.

Ukraine starts harvesting in Crimea, bam Russia takes it over and Exxon pulls out of the deal. Then they start again in Ukraine and could possibly join NATO and be fully protected? It was too big of a risk.

Putin just completely failed in every way. Showed Russia's military to be a fraction of the strength the world assumed, destroyed Russia's economy even further, and now losing even more bordering territory to NATO in countries that never really had interest to begin with? You couldn't suffer a bigger loss than this. Biggest military blunder in decades.

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