Any adopted Redditors have luck finding any biological parent info in a closed adoption situation?

I was in a closed adoption at birth(Oklahoma). My adoptive patents were always very open about letting my also adopted no relation sister and I know where we were from. I don't know how it was so easy to obtain the records because I had gotten all the information when I was 18 or 19 through the courthouse. Apparently my parents were good friends with the lawyer that helped with the adoption. I'm also 26 now, I met my birth mother 2 years ago. I found her through Facebook living less than 60 miles from where I've lived almost my entire life. I have an older full blood sister and 3 half sisters. She had always wondered about me and when I found her she couldn't wait to meet me. Fast forward 2 years...I feel like I launched this family I barely knew into nuclear fallout, her now ex-husband of 20 years had known about me but none of my sisters had a clue I existed until the week I found her. Making a long story short, we rarely speak to each other anymore. I'm now diagnosed manic depressive and she is going through some crises of her own, I assume it had to do with her choosing adoption or my bio father whom is "probably working on a car somewhere in a garage" I didn't have the heart to ask any more about him after she told me that. I can't fully blame my miserable unhappiness on finding my birth mother because the time line between all of this is spread so thick and thin. Drugs/alcohol have been my best friend since I was 16 and I just recently gave up drinking and I'm doing my best to stay away from pot but my mania is not helping in the slightest.
Please feel free to ask any more questions about the actual papers and court documents seeing as I went into a giant run on sentence about anything but what you're asking. I just wanted somebody to see my story because everything could be hunky dory in finding her or It could also ruin your life. Either way I hope it turns out better for you than it did me.

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