Why Tedy Bruschi doesn't believe Pats should trade for Stafford

Calvin/Burleson aint bad

lol. Why do you think Calvin always had double/triple coverage on him? Until Tate came along every other WR on our roster SUCKED. Kris Durham and Nate Burleson were not NFL WRs.

And you're really ignoring my broader point, which is after losing Calvin and beefing up the rest of the offensive roster, Stafford heavily improved and was pretty much the sole reason we won any games at all the past 5 years. He was decent in 2010-2015, not great, but since then he's been a fantastic QB and has carried us despite our defense being awful. Our CB2 for 2016-2017 was Nevin fucking Lawson. We had to start Jarrad Davis for 3 seasons because we had no other NFL LBs on the team. Blaming Stafford for us not winning is a hilariously bad take.

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