Teleportation: Should the Star Citizen universe have it?

Actually, I personally would rather not have teleportation. It feels like a hand waving explanation for convenience (I also don't like gravity in every ship for the exact same reason). I just don't see how it can logically be avoided without being gamed or result in boring/tedious gameplay.

Honestly, my biggest/only fear is that I dropped about 3 times what I would ever spend on a brand new release game 2 years before launch just to deal with insanely boring or stupidly tedious gameplay. Right now the game is Alpha and I still get a bit annoyed with the loading screens. Waiting 30+ minutes for a rescue would lead to me x'ing out. Being a rescuer who always had the player disappear before I got there would lead to me switching jobs. Changing the player to an NPC leads to continuity issues (unless you use a new random generated NPC).

The reality is I think cargo loaders and a randomly generated NPC (that is not an npc of the player) is the best way around the issues I see. Even so, this will still lead to tedious FPS gameplay where you might as well suicide if your team its whittled down too low. given that I'm more into exploration, this doesn't bother me much.

Because your reaching arguments are starting to make it feel like the latter

I'm not sure how my arguments are reaching or nit-picky. These are actual issues that should be addressed. It's just like people who want to be able to control flight during q-drive vs those who don't/don't see the point. Not being able to control flight makes interdiction more difficult, plain and simple. Being able to control flight during q-drive makes gameplay boring as you will spend a long time just flying between points that are some distance away (40+ minutes flying in a straight line does not make for good gameplay).

If you're not sure how the issues will be addressed, that's fine. But there really is no need to attack the reasoning for my counter-arguments just because you don't like the implications.

Your example is a bit confusing but i don't think it would be an issue.

It's really not. I stole cargo. Mercs want to steal it back before I sell/transfer it. I know they are tracking me (CR stated that anyone tracking you would jump into the same instance) and have a rough idea of where the deal is going down. I put the cargo on a ship with my NPC also stored aboard to force the system to put that ship into a different instance. The mercs must enter my instance because they are tracking me. I can't enter the instance with the deal going down because my NPC is there. So, in a completely lawless section that is 100% PvP, I have forced the system to put to potential PvP'ers into different instances for my own benefit due to having a NPC that can't occupy the same reality as me.

Put another way, having a player and NPC that can't occupy the same instance allows players to force certain ships into different instances. There are many ways in which this could be an advantage. I don't see how pointing this out is any more problematic than the post from a few days back digging into the problems with EVEs current gameplay mechanics.

But as I have already said, "got it, no to transporters." It's not like transporters will fix all of the issues. I just haven't seen them mentioned and was curious as to why. Perhaps you are the one nit-picking in order to prevent a gameplay mechanic you don't like? People do tend to preventively reflect you know.

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