Telling young people that they'll lose interest in what the are passionate about when they get older makes you an asshole, even when it's true for you.

My parents have always told me that I would hate living up in the mountains and driving for 10miles into town each day or whenever I needed supplies, but I drive those roads almost everyday anyways. I am happy in my car and would love to wakeup and pull out on to my favorite asphalt every morning. I would love to make supply runs and be snowed in for days. I want to grow beans and make treats for the animals. I want to lay face down on the forest floor for hours on end, I want bugs in my eyes and berries in my shoes. I want to wake up and hold nice dirt everymorning while I drink my coffee. They don't understand any of this because they don't even realize the teachers I had conditioned me to love worms and algae more than I love money.

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