Thank you Russia fans

OKor O.K. okay [oh-key, oh-key, oh-key] Spell Syllables Examples Word Origin See more synonyms on adjective 1. all right; proceeding normally; satisfactory or under control: Things are OK at the moment. 2. correct, permissible, or acceptable; meeting standards: Is this suit OK to wear to a formal party? 3. doing well or in good health; managing adequately: She's been OK since the operation. 4. adequate but unexceptional or unremarkable; tolerable: The job they did was OK, nothing more. 5. estimable, dependable, or trustworthy; likable: an OK person. adverb 6. all right; well enough; successfully; fine: She'll manage OK on her own. He sings OK, but he can't tap dance. 7. (used as an affirmative response) yes; surely. 8. (used as an interrogative or interrogative tag) all right?; do you agree? interjection 9. (used to express agreement, understanding, acceptance, or the like): OK, I'll get it for you. 10. (used as an introductory or transitional expletive): OK, now where were we? noun, plural OK's. 11. an approval, agreement, or endorsement: They gave their OK to her leave of absence. verb (used with object), OK'd, OK'ing. 12. to put one's endorsement on or indicate one's approval of (a request, piece of copy, bank check, etc.); authorize; initial: Would you OK my application?

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