There are only 4 sexualities, and everything else is jargon that is too detailed and nobody really cares for

yeah i actually agree with the music example, but i think the issue is that sexuality is not like music preference - when you're asking what someone else's sexuality is, you're usually asking in the context of whether that person wants to fuck you. that should be a simple 'yes i fuck people like you' or 'no i don't'.

now if people want to have labels obviously it's up to them, but the point of sexuality labels is to broadly communicate info to others, not to differentiate between similar things within a certain category between people who are already familiar with all labels.

so basically what i'm saying is if you're with people who know all the terms, go for your microlabels. but as a tool for just communicating sexuality generally, a set of simple terms we all know is a lot more useful.

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