And there it is, folks

You very confidently claimed that it's a "literal known fact" that FBI definitely concluded that she was responsible for destroying evidence after it had been subpoenaed. So is that actually a true statement, or no?

It IS a 100% known fact that the server was wiped after it was subpoenaed, you yourself fucking said so right here, or did you just forget that somehow?

That's actually not what the FBI concluded. They concluded the server was wiped... after the subpoena was issued

We can't prove that she ordered it to happen, but we know for a fact, beyond a fucking doubt, that the server was deliberately manually wiped after a subpoena was issued for the data.

Do you genuinely think the FBI is just too dumb to consider that she lied?

I think that you're too dumb to have this conversation. It's like we caught Hillary with a drug tunnel. We searched the tunnel and the houses on both ends and didn't find anything. But she still built the fucking drug tunnel in her house and we should treat her as suspect for doing so. The fact that we didn't catch her using her drug tunnel doesn't mean she didn't set it up for that specific reason in the first place.

Take your head out of your ass dude. How can anyone defend a person who deliberately tried to circumvent FOIA requests. She wanted the system setup so that people need to request records from her, and she can then either provide or reject those requests. THATS NOT HOW THIS WORKS. THAT DATA IS OURS. THAT IS GOVERNMENT DATA. WE PAID FOR IT. YOU DONT GET TO FUCKING KEEP IT. YOU DONT GET TO FUCKING CONTROL WHAT WE GET TO SEE AND WHAT WE DONT.

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