I don't care how well behaved you SAY they are, I should be able to walk through my neighborhood in peace

So just reading the comments and i sympathize with yall but damn yall have had some shitty experience with shitty owners. The only thing my pup bolts after is squirrel and rabbits she don't give a fuck about you guys unless she wants pets (which she gets plenty of) or you got food. I know shit owners are a thing and I've seen more of my fair share, my dog has been attacked more than a few times. But to just jump to the conclusion that all dogs are like this makes me sad. If your dog treats anything like shit that can't be connected to basic instinct keep it on a leash. I off leash mine all the time but shes trained to stick by me. It's easy to play hide and seek with them and it trains them to find you not you find them. Sorry yall had a terrible experience but talk to the owner it's easy to be blind when you love something.

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