It's a misunderstood spice

MSG being bad stems from racism in like the 70s or something. I remember I got into the biggest (and dumbest) fights with my long term (now ex) GF.

She was trying to write a paper when she was in school about the negative effects of MSG and was pissed because she couldn’t find enough good sources. You’d think that might help sway her but instead asked me to help her and was upset when I suggested that maybe the lack of evidence might have something to do with the fact it might not be bad.

I remember I showed her some paper about it being rooted it racism; and she straight up lost it tell me that she’s in shock that I would ever call her racist (I didn’t) and that I’m trying to ruin her dreams of being a food writer (I wasn’t) and we straight up didn’t speak for 2 weeks. She was pregnant like 3ish weeks after that and it most likely wasn’t mine. I dodge a fucking NUKE

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