All while I’ve had to singlehandedly watch and take care of 2 less than 2 year olds

My spinal pain was only bad enough for me to go to the hospital 10 years after things started happening. Pregnancy can start spinal damage you know? I’m 20+ years out from the initial state of damage, but think about it. Is your wife young? Was she very slender or of a smallish build when she got pregnant the first time? Did she need assistance delivering her child at all beyond just the doctors hands such as manipulating the baby’s head? Yeah?? Not a doctor but sometimes women can sustain damage that goes undetected.

Because the whole thing is so painful and fucked up and babies are then the focus:

it can be waved away as postpartum depression and being a bad mom once she’s at home struggling with long term lingering pain and struggling to keep up with tasks she once sailed through with ease, or whatever.

and you’re on here congratulating yourself like you’re a champion but likely for days, weeks, months, years your wife has been asking for help for some sort of muscular, nerve or herniated disc thing that has gone very wrong and has been spreading and she kept being gaslight at the doctors office all while being told how lazy she was at home.

She probably got given mental health meds that put her all over the map too.

That’s not even to mention childhood injuries to her back that got worse with her having gained and lost weight from having babies.

This is all compounded with her taking care of those kids. Instead of coming up with a plan to get her care and advocating at the doctors because men get proper care and getting her help to clean you’re making posts like this

You’re a fucking chump bro.

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